The new multi-functional Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Lublin’s Avenue Zygmuntowskie, which also features an aqua-park and and, eventually, an Olympic-size swimming pool, was designed by architect Paul Teplov.

The Titanium Pruszyński standing seam roofing system, installed by Prefa roof contractor Bud Krzysztof Czyżak, was supplied as profiles manufactured by Polish company Punto Pruszyński from aluminium supplied by Hydro Aluminium Norway.

It was chosen, says Czyżak, for a number of reasons, not least its appearance and impressive functionality, which includes long-term durability, and the fact that it provides an attractive weatherproof covering.

The biggest challenge for the installer, he adds was to make, transport and seal-in-place the panels - which are up to 86m long. In addition, special grip-mounting panels had to be constructed to ensure the roof system’s thermal integrity.

Another important consideration was providing adequate robustness to the flumes that drain the rainwater from the roof to several directions; these comprise several layers of material, but are externally finished with exactly the same titanium-alluminium as the roof itself, ensuring the flumes are suitably camouflaged.

The roofing material and colour were chosen by the client, from a specification presented by Punto Pruszyński. The 0.09mm titanium-aluminium sheet was cambered directly at the construction site from 600mm coils, and linked together with 52mm standing seams.

This metal shell overlies panels includes a humidity barrier, an 18cm-thick layer of mineral wool and a rigid sub-construction layer and a “hard mineral wool plank”: a system designed for robustness and its ability to withstand lying snow and heavy rains.

Some 22 workers took two months months to produce the 3,300 square metre roof covering and the 550 square metres of white-coloured titanium-aluminium sheet covering the base of the roof on the building’s external load-bearing walls.

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