Andrey Asadov created two different facade scales to solve this challenge. On the boulevard and park side, the facade is a pure solid form, with a calm horizontal division which creates space for people to enjoy the panoramic view. The facade on the side of Slavyansky Boulevard matches the scale of this urban street and is full of commercial activity at the pedestrian level.

Perforated aluminium panels offered a perfect yet simple way to connect the structure and integrate it into the landscape. The result is a spectacular skin which reflects changes in the available light during the day, and draws attention to itself in the evening with the use of backlighting.

There are several transparent areas to allow views from the centre’s restaurants. But the rest of the external surface is dressed as a double facade using perforated FF2® pre-painted aluminium panels by Novelis as studio director Andrey Asadov explains: “We chose the best material solution for our facade concept. The volume of perforation was only possible in solid aluminium panels with a special coating that is used on naval vessel. It is very resistant to corrosion.”

FF2® is an ideal solution for large surface applications under high stress loads, even where wind loads are a factor. The material is two-millimetres thick ensuring movement and temperature changes are compensated. The FF2® alloy is also seawater-resistant make it suitable for use in extreme climate zones.

Asadov Architectural Studio selected the colour Perlweiss (Pearl) as it changes colour according the amount of daylight available. In bright sun the building appears almost white, changing to warmer tones as the sun fades or clouds gather.

Each of the panels were perforated to match a sweeping and unique design created by the architect. Three different sized holes were utilised to create volume and a sense of movement. In total, more than 18,000 square metres of panels were attached to the building’s external metal-framed skeleton.

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