To further encourage collaboration and knowledge exchanges, Deltares decided to merge the various sites at which it was housed in Delft and Utrecht. With the opening of the new Tetra building, all the activities in Delft are now housed in a single location. As well as the offices, a range of test facilities are also located on the campus in Delft.

Managing densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, and Deltares works with governments, business other research institutes and universities, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Sitting comfortably with the adjacent buildings of Delft’s Technopolis Knowledge Park, Deltares’ spectacular new office building has a fluidity and dynamism of form that cleverly connotes the nature of this organisation’s interests and activities.

The building, which is tricorn-shaped in plan, with three equal sections radiating at 120 degrees from each other, was designed by Delft-based Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur “to reference a delta”. Sturdy in its simplicity, says the practice, It fits well with the robust seventies architecture of the original complex, while at the same time appearing refreshingly modern - if not futuristic. There are three storeys, with each floor radiating from a central staircase. This, says the architect provides “a dynamic combination of quiet areas, open-plan offices and meeting areas”.

New insights into the essence of hydraulic engineering, with more emphasis on the soft side, ecology, sustainability and service, demanded a different architectural language, the architect adds, a language that is inherent in this zero-energy, carbon-neutral building, with its contemporary, reflective ribbon façade, clad in dual tone EuraMica Onyx White Gold pre-coated aluminium panels from Euramax.

The “progressing depths” of the layered façade function as natural shading to the building’s interior, while at the same time bringing a dynamic character to the overall look, changing as it does in response to the weather conditions and light quality.

Deltares managing director Maarten Smits says the new Tetra building symbolises the transparent way Deltares wants to operate and encourages knowledge exchanges within the organisation. ‘Working together ensures that new knowledge and ideas are being generated continuously. And that is vital if we are to find solutions to the complex issues facing all deltas worldwide.’

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